Meeting Site & Lodging

Mission Inn in Riverside, CA

The entire conference will take place in the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in downtown Riverside.

A landmark in Southern California for over 150 years the hotel comprises distinctive guest rooms, towers and archways, winding staircases and Bougainvillea strewn balconies.

The hotel has hosted many famous guests including Albert Einstein, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller and John Muir. Now it will host the famed Toxoplasma community of scientists!

All registered conference attendees will be provided with a discounted double occupancy room rate at $192, inclusive of tax, per night

The main session will take place in the Grand Parisian Ballroom. All breakfasts and lunch on the Santa Barbara patio and posters beside the chapel with outdoor refreshments.

There are 6 restaurants in the hotel, a spa and a pool for an early-morning pre-conference swim!

Culver Center of the Arts

The closing party will take place at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts two blocks from the Mission Inn. Originally built as a Department store in 1895, it houses the California Museum of Photography and the Jack and Marilyn Sweeny Art Gallery and is part of UC Riverside's Art Block.

Getting Here

Riverside is located in the Inland Empire of Southern California. It nestles in the valley between the Mountains of San Bernardino and the Cleveland National Forests. Stunning views of Mt. San Antonio (10,064 ft) are available from all over Riverside with hiking and other outdoor activities within an hour's drive.

The amazing rock formations of Joshua Tree are in the high desert, an hour east, and the classical beaches of the California coastline including Laguna and Huntington are 40 mins west.

Our recommendation is to fly into Ontario International Airport (ONT), as it is the nearest airport. It is a 20 min drive from Riverside and receives frequent short flights from San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, and many other cities in the US.

Los Angeles airport (LAX) is theoretically 90 mins away, but warning: traffic can easily add 2 hours. San Diego airport is also 90 mins away. Rush hour traffic flows away from Riverside in the morning and towards Riverside at night.

Riverside also has a train station within walking distance of the hotel.

A ToxoXVI Slack channel will be set up to help facilitate ride sharing from the airport or train station.


The Toxoplasma organizers would like to respectfully acknowledge and recognize our responsibility to the original and current caretakes of this land, water and air: the Cuhuilla, Tongva, Luiseno, and Serrano peoples and all of their ancestors and descendants, past, present and future. Today this meeting place is home to many Indigenous peoples from all over the world, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to live and work on these homelands.

The Mission Inn is located in the heart of downtown Riverside within a pedestrian area full of restaurants, shops and historic buildings.

A small selection of places to eat and drink are provided in the map.

In need of a stroll? Go feed the ducks in Fairmont park or take a run up Mt. Roubidoux.

Balance the science in your life with some more culture at the Art Museum or the California Museum of Photography at UCR's Culver Center.